Introducing everyday, minimalist watches from Coen Anders

A brand fresh from launch, Coen Anders produce minimal and rather sleek timepieces perfect for your everyday exploits.

Currently securing their first round of funding via Kickstarter, Coen Anders wristwatches are elegant and timeless enough for Women yet sizeable and industrial enough for Men, showing some careful consideration and a meticulous design process.

It’s no mean feat to produce something unisex that will not only be appreciated but also purchased by all genders. If the execution of this maiden range is anything to go by, we’re pretty sure that Coen Anders will be serving a pretty wide demographic of men and women who can all get behind the sleek and easy minimalism on offer.


You should be able to wear your wristwatch of choice 365 days a year without ever worrying about an outfit clash. On top of that, your watch of choice should stand out when you want it to, adding the finishing touches to looks here and there. It’s a very particular set of requirements, so it’s super important that you’re confident upon purchasing that a watch works with everything in your wardrobe, from suits right through to holiday gear. 

With four colourings of stainless steel to choose from, two face colours and a broad spectrum of straps on offer, picking up a Coen Anders watch feels kinda bespoke, with each aspect picked out to your liking. With a price tag of $299 (around £230), this is a nice touch, making the shopping experience more customer, a little easier and a lot more fun.

There are a few brands doing pared back, minimal watches which sprung to mind when I came across Coen Anders (such as Instrmnt, a Scottish brand we interviewed last year), but I think the LA-based brand approach things from a different enough of a perspective to provide something unique. 42mm is a nice size for a face, while the overall design is slick and minimal without being too bothered about stripping things away - the added logo detail and extra dials on the face itself set Coen Anders watches apart nicely.

The Newcastle in Gold

The Newcastle in Gold

The Glasgow in Silver

The Glasgow in Silver

Our favourite has to be the Newcastle in gold, with the St. Asph in gold coming up a very close second. There’s something about these Nylon straps in classic colours that I just can’t get enough of, it feels so quintessentially British without ever feeling too much.

Like what you see? Get behind Coen Anders and support their Kickstarter campaign. Best of luck to the guys from us at Overdiluted, we certainly hope we’ll be hearing more from CA very soon.